We Make Gourmet Cookies For You And People You Love



We Make Gourmet Cookies For You And People You Love



Are cookies still good the next day?

Cookies last a long time and they are not prone to molding. 

Day 1 - Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside

Day 2 - The softness from the inside takes over and the cookies are not very crispy on the outside. 

Day 3 - The cookies will start to dry out.

You can preserve the fresh flavor of the cookies by refrigerating or freezing the cookies. But the contrast in crispy and soft texture will be sacrificed. 

When can I get the freshest cookies?

Our cookies are freshest when we open at 11AM and around 5PM when we finish our evening bake.

What do you do with leftover cookies?

We sell them the next day at a discount. 

Can I make a special order or modify a cookie?

Sorry we mix our cookies in bulk and cannot make adjustments to our cookie dough.  

What are your business hours?

We are open Monday - Thursday from 11AM to 8PM, Friday - Saturday 11AM-9PM. Closed Sundays

How do I order?

You can order through our website or purchase in store. You can e-mail us directly at if you have any questions. 

Do you accept all credit cards?

Yes, we take all credit cards and mobile payments!

Do you cater events?

While we do not offer a catering service we can make hundreds of cookies for your event. Send us a message at and tell us about your event.

Who do I contact for questions about my order?

You can reach us at for questions about your order

Are you hiring?

Send us your resume and we will seriously consider you. 

How much are your cookies?

$1.80 each

$10 Half Dozen

$20 Baker's Dozen (13 Cookies)

How big are your cookies?

About 3.5-4 inches in diameter

Can I pick my cookies up?

Yes you can pick up your cookies at our shop in San Mateo.

Do any of your cookies contain peanuts?

We do have one cookie that has peanut butter. This cookie is made separately from all of our other cookies. Actually all of our cookies that contain nuts are made separate from our non-nut cookies. 

Feel free to ask us any questions at