It's a Friday evening, and I am sitting in a pizza shop with my daughter. We are sharing a cheese slice cut into small pieces while she has hijacked my phone to scroll through youtube for nursery rhymes. Who's manning my cookie shop? Two well trained employees serving cookies by the dozen to my loyal customers. All I can think is how unfair it is that I am this lucky. Beautiful wife, healthy daughter, and owning a stable business. 

It's been 140 days since we had our grand opening and damn it has been a hell of a ride with many successes and failures. 

Soft Opening

1000 cookies in 3 hours. This is why we have a soft opening. We did so many things wrong. 

- We let customers in and order before we were ready

- We did not start baking early enough

- We did not train our staff well enough

- We ran out of cookies!

Grand Opening

We worked out a lot of the kinks and sold 1400 cookies in one day. We sold every last crumb!

140 Days

In the last 140 days I have hired and trained 10 employees, fired one, some quit because of other commitments, and one quit the first day because the job was too hard. 

I have learned how to delegate responsibilities, trust my staff to run the shop, and train employees to mix and bake all cookies. The most valuable thing I have achieved is I have removed all the complicated and physically difficult parts of this job to make it scalable. 

Every week we get more customers and we keep selling more cookies. We started with 71 yelp reviews, we now have 191 and we still have five stars. Sure some folks have given us negative reviews, but we learn from them and move forward. 

I now take the first train in the morning, 4:30AM, and take the 4PM train home to pick up my daughter. I still get to see her everyday.